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Cambodia > Economy

Businesses vacate White Building

08/06/2017 09:28 | 0 comments

As families begin to move out of the iconic White Building, small business owners who have operated in the capital’s dilapidated landmark are facing tough decisions.

Vietnam > Industries

Wood industry urged to develop vertical, horizontal linkages

18/04/2017 08:01 | 0 comments

The various components of the woodworking industry’s supply chain need to establish close links to ensure the industry’s sustainable development, an expert has said.

Cambodia > Economy

Economy to face new challenges

07/04/2017 07:57 | 0 comments

Cambodia's economic growth remained strong last year though the Kingdom must now address major systemic challenges to build on its ascension into lower-middle income status in order to maintain healthy levels of development, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said in its annual report yesterday.

Cambodia > Industries

Government to help abattoir stay out of the red

27/03/2017 09:21 | 0 comments

The company behind Cambodia’s first industrial slaughterhouse has refuted local media reports that claimed the government intends to shut down the company, insisting that remarks made by the minister of agriculture last week were taken out of context.

Cambodia > Economy

Alternative to TPP shows no sign of activity: analysts

22/03/2017 10:25 | 0 comments

While Prime Minister Hun Sen has publicly expressed his distaste for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was dealt a critical blow by US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the agreement, economists say there has been little visible progress in cementing a rival multilateral free trade agreement that puts China and ASEAN in leading roles.

Cambodia > Stock Market

A challenging market to grow

15/08/2016 08:05 | 0 comments

Five years since it launched operations, the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) continues to struggle to attract investors while trading activity remains low. The Post’s Hor Kimsay sat down with Lamun Soleil, director of market operations at the CSX, to discuss what is holding back the exchange’s development as well as some of the ideas posited for boosting its growth.

Cambodia > Real Estate

Condo developers reaping in hefty profits

12/08/2016 08:55 | 0 comments

When condo units are priced from $3,000 to $3,500 per square metre, it is at least twice as much as an ordinary Cambodian’s annual income.

Cambodia > Commodity

Gloomy forecast for Cambodia's rice sector

03/08/2016 10:51 | 0 comments

An industry analyst has issued a dire forecast for Cambodia’s rice sector, claiming the long-grain “white gold” that has been credited with lifting millions of Cambodia’s farmers out of abject poverty, and which seems a natural fit for the Kingdom’s agrarian workforce, is on a downward trajectory.

Cambodia > Economy

Charting changes in Japanese FDI

01/08/2016 07:42 | 0 comments

Japan’s investment in Cambodia continues to grow and its investors are playing a leading role in developing and diversifying the Kingdom’s light industrial sector. The Post’s Hor Kimsay sat down with Yasuhara Hiroto, head of the Japan Desk at the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC), to discuss what is drawing Japanese investors to Cambodia, and where they are directing their capital.

Cambodia > Real Estate

Experts still optimistic about real estate

29/07/2016 10:37 | 0 comments

Despite growing property concerns in Cambodia, some real estate experts are remaining optimistic in the face of recent downbeat commentary.

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