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Vietnam > Finance

Experts foresee stable rates

29/03/2017 09:53 | 0 comments

The central bank must push up banking restructuring and settlement of bad debt to ease pressure on rate hikes and keep rates stable this year, experts agreed at an online meeting yesterday on 2017 interest rate trends.

Cambodia > Industries

Government to help abattoir stay out of the red

27/03/2017 09:21 | 0 comments

The company behind Cambodia’s first industrial slaughterhouse has refuted local media reports that claimed the government intends to shut down the company, insisting that remarks made by the minister of agriculture last week were taken out of context.

Vietnam > Economy

Local reform must be hastened: businesses

24/03/2017 19:48 | 0 comments

The Government of Viet Nam has made accelerated efforts to improve the business climate but more drastic measures must be taken at local levels where firms still face obstacles in doing business, according to the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

Vietnam > Finance

SBV should offer failing banks to foreign investors

23/03/2017 21:15 | 0 comments

The vigorous restructuring of “zero VND” banks whose capital is believed to have fallen far below the minimum requirement of VND3 trillion ($140.6 million) is the main goal of the banking system this year. Dr Tran Du Lich, a financial and economic specialist, told VIR’s Thuy Vinh that buying out “zero VND” banks is only a temporary solution. It is time for the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to stop interfering with the restructuring of “zero VND” banks.

Vietnam > Finance

Summit mulls financial inclusion for all

22/03/2017 10:36 | 0 comments

More organizations are offering new financial products and services that are changing the form and nature of the market and are shaping the future of financial inclusion.

Cambodia > Economy

Alternative to TPP shows no sign of activity: analysts

22/03/2017 10:25 | 0 comments

While Prime Minister Hun Sen has publicly expressed his distaste for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was dealt a critical blow by US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the agreement, economists say there has been little visible progress in cementing a rival multilateral free trade agreement that puts China and ASEAN in leading roles.

Vietnam > Economy

Viet Nam trade promotion needs improvement: official

21/03/2017 10:38 | 0 comments

Trade promotion has become more and more important because it impacts enterprises’ product consumption so trade promotion should be improved, an official said.

Vietnam > Industries

Safeguards for Vietnam’s auto industry are easier said than done: experts

18/03/2017 15:48 | 0 comments

As Vietnamese leaders urge the introduction of safeguards to protect domestic auto manufacturers against cheap imports, economic experts say such a move would actually be quite difficult.

Vietnam > Commodity

Viet Nam slams Australia’s prawn ban

17/03/2017 10:17 | 0 comments

The Vietnamese Government has accused Australia of "causing serious damage" to its prawn farmers and exporters and has asked the Federal Government to reconsider the ban on uncooked prawn imports.

Vietnam > Industries

Industrial growth slow, labour productivity low: Party official

13/03/2017 20:38 | 0 comments

Viet Nam’s industry is developing too slowly and is still reliant on many foreign-invested enterprises, says Nguyen Van Binh, head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission of Economic Affairs.

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